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Part of our offer is the employment of smaller and larger groups of workers in positions in manufacturing and industry. We ensure the transport of employees into companies by our cars and we take care of the correct organization of the operation of our services, both for clients and for our employees.


The activity of the staffing agency is to ensure the demand and selection of job seekers according to the conditions set by the clients. Auto-lux company has been providing recruitment since 2018 and has successfully become one of the elite recruitment agencies. Permission to mediate employment was granted to us by the General Directorate of the Labor Office of the Czech Republic and we obtained a license that allowed us to expand our services to the satisfaction of our customers.

Employment permit

Other services

Quality Control and Rework

We may provide quality control or rework services at the supplier, client, warehousing or other designated location. We inform customers about the progress of the order with detailed reports. We send the sorting results immediately during the sorting processes.

CSL II Control

Control Level II is a service that covers 100% quality control of finished products. It is done to eliminate defective stocks. This inspection guarantees the delivery of final products to the client in accordance with the requirements and technical support in solving problems with the quality of the supplier.

Production and auxiliary services for production

PWe provide our support in the implementation of all types of production and preparatory work within your plant. It is based on simple activities such as cleaning, reprocessing, unloading, through logistics work to assembly at production sites, packaging, production and maintenance of machines. It is an ideal solution for equipment that allows you to reduce production costs and increase efficiency.

Resident Engineer

In addition to quality control, AUTO - LUX company also provides comprehensive service for suppliers at the customer's facility. The team of technical representatives - residents is a supplier and monitors and solves ongoing problems with quality and logistics. Resident Engineer works closely with the customer's quality department to consider and reduce complaints.

Executive search

Powerful search and recruitment is the foundation of our business. We strive to understand each client's strategic goals, the specific leadership and competencies needed to achieve those goals, and the culture needed by new leaders.

International transport

We deal with international transport within and outside the EU. Both at regular intervals and at individually agreed dates. We provide a comprehensive transport service from the sender to the recipient, including customs clearance, local deliveries and other services.


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The company AUTO - LUX, s.r.o. was founded in 2015 in Slovakia. Initially, the company dealt only with international transport, especially for the automotive industry. In 2016, the company AUTO - LUX, s.r.o. expanded its services in the field of quality control, sorting and personnel services. At present, the company also has a wide range of activities in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Your quality, our satisfaction

Priorities of AUTO - LUX, s.r.o.

The main goals of our company include the implementation of quality services to customer satisfaction. We are a reputable company and therefore we rely on the good reputation of our company.

Our priority is to offer the client what he requires. All cooperation is based on an individual agreement with the customer. At the same time, we try to set prices so that the service is as advantageous as possible for the client.

Our team of experts puts our services at the forefront mainly for these reasons.

  • Flexible response - up to about 60 minutes
  • Individual approach to the customer
  • Providing ongoing information on the progress of the contract
  • 100% quality control with warranty
  • Assistance of the best coordinators
  • We operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland


During the operation of our company since 2015, we have implemented many successful projects in the field of quality control

Number of employees of our company
Number of realized orders
Percentage of complaints
Percentage of client satisfaction


Our top priority is an immediate and effective response to customer requirements.
We are a flexible team of experienced professionals operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

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